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Enter now to win great prizes and your work seen around the world. Get inspired and join thousands sharing their passion for the arts.


In our contest section, artists compete to win cash prizes, engagement, and features from trusted publications.

Discoveries Made Everyday

Improve your branding with our spotlight section. We use an algorithm that is constantly changing to feature new artists in new ways. (Photographers, in Portland)

Artist Crowdfunds

Do you need more engagement for new content, sponsorship deal or a project? With challenges we crowdfund real engagement such as views, likes and comments.


What You Get


Promote your content to a group of other artists willing to support. Must be willing to support other artists as well.


Getting features can help improve trust in your content which can help how people feel about your brand.  


Find more support on our platform in the form of comments, likes, and views. All these things can make it easier for your content to spread.


We have cash prizes and free entry for some of our contests. This can be used for creative projects or even just a rainy day fund. 


At Muzeem we believe artists have value in helping others. So for every comment on our platform we donate 1$ in supplies to teachers. 


We have access to over 100,000 in accounts for promotion in artists. We have our own accounts in which we can feature artists work for promotion. 


In our platform we have the social responsibility that we will donate $1 in supplies to teachers for support actions to artists on the platform

Cash Prizes

Up to $1000 dollars for contest winners. Can be used for a creative ventures, traveling to a new location or just saved for a rainy day. 


Build your portfolio through trusted publications and branding. Build your brand and your story here on our platform.